22.02.21 - 01.03.21

Excellence Course - Challenges in the preservation of the architectural heritage of the 20th century: themes and experiences

The course aims to present and discuss experiences and current challenges related to the conservation of 20th-century architectural heritage. This legacy is constantly threatened not only by natural hazards but also by abandonment and poor maintenance, and needs to be brought back to life while respecting the spirit of its original characters and maintaining an adequate level of structural and seismic performance. Moreover, the materials and construction techniques employed present serious durability issues. In fact, concrete was extensively used during the 20th-century, together with other experimental or new construction materials that, in most cases, did not age well. The definition of protocols about condition assessment, repair and conservation of 20th-century structures and buildings is in progress and periodically updated, also based on the first-hand experience by researchers, practitioners, and institutions. However, many challenges and issues are still open. The comparison between different views and interdisciplinary collaborations will enrich the framework of possible research and communication scenarios. 

See the attached poster. 

Published on: 30/01/2021